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Online Courses at Conestoga College

Educational Technology's process for online course development is set out below.

Conestoga College assists in the development of 3 types of online delivery:

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So you want to develop a course?

Here is what you need to do to get started.

  1. If you wish to use Desire2Learn (D2L) for a classroom enhanced delivery only, you can set your course up and copy content into it yourself. You can find a full set of instructions here: Setting Up an Online Course For a New Semester .

    You can start adding content to your classroom enhanced course shell as soon as it is available to you. Technical Support for all online courses is available through EdTech. Please see the Online Course Minimum Design Standards for some tips on what we suggest should be included in your D2L course shell.

  2. If you want to develop a hybrid or fully online course, EdTech will work with you in a team approach in the design, development, and delivery aspects. We are striving to ensure that all new courses and programs developed on D2L meet College requirements and follow best practices.

    Steps to develop a hybrid or fully-online course:

    1. Read the Department Practice for Online Course Development.
    2. Your chair must complete and sign the Development Support Request Form.
    3. Once the Development Support Request Form is received by EdTech, we'll contact you to set up an Initial Planning Meeting (about 1 hour). We will review:
      • Project team
      • What is already available
      • What needs to be developed
      • Timelines
      • D2L course templates, standards and requirements for submitting content to EdTech
    4. See "Setting Up an Online Course for a New Semester"

Note: There are some specific design requirements for a Conestoga College fully online or hybrid course. These design standards have been developed in conjunction with OntarioLearn requirements and Conestoga College best practices for online course development.

Desire2Learn Training

Please check the Training page for the next offerings of our Desire2Learn training workshops, or contact eLearning Support with your training requirements or to address specific problems and issues.


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